Shooting Book - European Union

This shooting book is aimed at all marksmen in the European Union. It is well known, that the conditions for the private possession of weapons in the EU are constantly being tightened but above all aligned and further regulated.

The shooting book was written in English, the terms are likely to be familiar to any marksmen. To satisfy the European linguistic diversity, the glossary was translated in the local languages for better handling and understanding.

The Euro Shooting Book supports every marksmen in the Union in documenting his training and shooting activities:

- Date and place of the training session
- Weapon(s) and discipline
- Number of rounds
- Confirmation by the range supervision

Additionally, you can document:

- the caliber,
- the scoring distances (5 m to 300 m),
- add additional information about yourself, club and association and
- add personal notes.

Main features of the shooting log:

- Motive: European Union
- Format: DIN A6 (10,5 cm x 14,8 cm)
- Scope: 32 pages
- Entries for 96 training sessions or competitions
- Two weapons can be entered per training/competition
- Glossary/explanation in 22 EU languages ​​for 28 EU countries:

Schießbuch - AT/BE/DE | Книга за стрелба - BG | Βιβλίο σκοπευτή - CY/EL | Záznam o střelbě - CZ | Skydebog - DK | Laskeraamat - EE | Libro de Tiro - ES | Ammuntakirja - FI | Carnet de Tir - FR/BE/LU | Dnevnik pucanja - HR | Lövészeti könyv - HU | Shooting Log - IE/UK | Registro di tiro - IT | Šaudymo žurnalas - LT | Šaušanas grāmata - LV | Ktieb tal-Isparar - MT | Schieten log - NL/BE | Książeczka strzelecka - PL | Livro de Tiro - PT | Skyttebok - SE | Záznamová kniha - SK | Knjiga streljanja - SL | Fișă punctaj de tragere - RO

- Inside part: 120 g/m² offset paper, especially suitable for writing and stamping
- Envelope: 4-colour on 200 g/m² matte art paper
- Stapling: 2-fold stapled
- Climate-neutral printing
4-colored envelope with licensed image - ISBN 9783000525575   Glossary in the 22 EU languages/personal information, club and association membership
Registrations for 96 activities, each with 2 weapons   Notices concerning handling and safety
    Climate neutral printing 
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